Where is RCS Remodeling Services located?

Our base is now in Terrell, TX, serving a broad spectrum of areas including Dallas, Terrell, Greenville, Sachse, Garland, and beyond. Our services span a 35-mile radius from Terrell, ensuring comprehensive coverage of the region. For those situated beyond this radius, we're open to discussing how we can accommodate your project needs.

How can I get a quote for cleanup / hauling services?

At RCS Remodeling Services, we take pride in our promptness and fair pricing. Our goal is to make sure that the whole job will be smooth and seamless for you as our customer, from beginning to end. 

We only give quotes by first seeing the potential job in person. By doing this, our quotes are always accurate and fair. After checking the job site, we will give you a rough estimate of the job so you can have an idea of how much it will cost, but the total price will still depend on how much work will be done. 

What items will RCS Cleanup Services haul away?

Our junk removal experts at RCS Remodeling Services are skilled and experienced in hauling away different kinds of items. We can take care of those small boxes in your basement, the big boxes filled with old coats, old furniture, unused appliances and equipment, debris from constructions and renovations, branches from a cut down tree and much more. 

We have years of experience, the right equipment, and vehicles that can haul your unwanted items to be disposed of. RCS Remodeling Services will make sure your space is junk-free by the time we are done with the job! We offer a wide range of services to remove unwanted items from your home, office, storage unit, or warehouse. 

Can RCS Remodeling Services help me clean up a small renovation site?

RCS Remodeling Services can help get rid of the mess after you are done with your small renovation,. We will go in and clean up so you can have your project ready for show or use! The junk removal and cleaning experts at RCS Remodeling Services will take care of all the debris and junk from your renovation and all the unused materials. We will haul everything away and clean up the job site for you. 

Redoing a bathroom at your home and have broken tile everywhere from demo? We will haul it off for you. Tearing out a wall to expand your kitchen? We can haul that old drywall off too. If you have a renovation ongoing or coming up, you need to be prepared to clean up after. We are always happy to come see the job that needs to be done so we can give you a fair and accurate quote.

Will power washing help restore the exterior of my property?

Power washing can remove a lot of the dirt buildup, mold, algae, pests, and anything else that may be making your property look old and worn out. The RCS Remodeling Services team has years of experience and high-quality equipment to clean the outside of your property and get it shined up like a new penny. Our power washing services will not only help you restore the exterior of your property, it will also help you avoid expensive damages that the dirt and other elements may cause. 

How can RCS Remodeling Services help me with a foreclosure?

RCS Remodeling Services offers estate and foreclosure cleanouts. We will come over to the property, clear the unwanted items and debris left by its previous residents so you can get it ready for sale. 

We will take care of the heavy lifting and haul away personal items, junk, old furniture, unused appliances, and anything else that may have been left in the property. The RCS Remodeling Services team will collect all of the junk and haul them away, leaving you with a property that can be placed right back on the market or handed off to its next owner.

How long does a junk removal job take?

Hauling junk away from your home or office can take weeks to complete, especially when you are doing it on your own. RCS Remodeling Services can do the job more efficiently in a shorter period of time and we can provide an estimate, but the time frame for each job will still depend on the work that will be done. 

Each junk removal job we take on at RCS Remodeling Services is unique from one another. The time that our junk removal experts spend in clearing out your spaces and cleaning up will vary, as we make sure that we leave no piece of unwanted item or debris behind.

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